Brass Fetcher Ballistic Testing: 25 ACP

Products evaluated:

  • • Glaser Safety Slug Blue 35gr (00200)
  • • Hornady XTP 35gr (90012)
  • • Speer Gold Dot 35gr (23602)
  • • Winchester Expanding Point 45gr (X25AXP)
  • • Winchester FMJ 50gr (Q4203)

2.1" Barrel Semi-Auto

Suitability for self-defense

Impact velocities used in this report were obtained from an Oehler System 85 using no velocity corrections. All ballistic gelatin blocks used in this evaluation were nominal 10% ballistic gelatin blocks calibrated in accordance with FBI RFP-OSCU-DSU1704 as follows (FBI RFP-OSCU-DSU1704, page 104, 2017):

"Prior to the utilization of any block of gelatin, validation of the block will be tested to assure consistency of the gelatin mixture. This test consists of firing a .177 caliber steel sphere (BB) into the gelatin block at 590 feet per second (fps) +/- 15 fps. This sphere must penetrate a minimum of 2.95 inches but no more than 3.74 inches ".

Selection criteria is based upon the point system for penetration in FBI RFP-OSCU-DSU1704. Scoring is based upon both bare gelatin and heavy clothing performance — color code reflects the lower-scoring performance of the two test events.