Brass Fetcher Ballistic Testing

Findings applicable to:

1 ⅛” Barrel Revolver

  • • Hornady Critical Defense FTX 45gr (83200)
  • • Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 40gr (0954)

Suitability for self-defense

  • • No significant differences exist in the terminal performance of the tested cartridges.
  • • Test firearm did not adequately stabilize either bullet type and 70% of bullets impacted with a large angle-of-attack, causing partial expansions and failures to expand.
  • • Lethality is equal to a 22 Long Rifle handgun.
  • • Expect to need to score multiple vital hits to incapacitate an attacker.

Impact velocities used in this report were obtained from an Oehler System 85 using no velocity corrections. All ballistic gelatin blocks used in this evaluation were nominal 10% ballistic gelatin blocks calibrated in accordance with FBI RFP-OSCU-DSU1401 as follows (FBI RFP-OSCU-DSU1401, page 95, 2014):

"Prior to the utilization of any block of gelatin, validation of the block will be tested to assure consistency of the gelatin mixture. This test consists of firing a .177 caliber steel sphere (BB) into the gelatin block at 590 feet per second (fps) +/- 15 fps. This sphere must penetrate a minimum of 2.95 inches (75mm) but no more than 3.74 inches (95mm)".