Brass Fetcher Ballistic Testing

Welcome to Brass Fetcher Ballistic Testing. Here you will find ballistic gel test results for handguns, rifles and shotguns as well as information on the protective capabilities of body armor.

We deal in experimentally-backed evidence, not hearsay or urban legend. The primary purpose of Brass Fetcher Ballistic Testing is to provide unbiased, third-party evaluations of ammunition, firearms and survival equipment and techniques. We ‘show our work’ and encourage you to inquire into how a particular result was obtained.

Additionally, you will find slow motion video of bullets penetrating ballistic gelatin, muzzle flash and weapon function. Airguns, paintball and infrared imaging evaluations are also presented.

Since 2004, we have striven to increase the knowledge of the public regarding the actual function and physical capabilities of firearms. We take pride in being a source of independent, third-party ballistic gelatin and firearm testing information. Unless otherwise noted, the information found on this website was financed solely by fellow firearms enthusiasts.

Defense Through Science

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Featured Work

Court Usage
Provide slow motion video examples of bullet wounding damage to help illustrate your case in the court room.

48 Hours
Family Affair features one of our 12 Gauge OO Buckshot slow motion videos.   Watch now! Family Affair

National Geographic
National Geographic addresses backface deformation with video from our PASGT vest testing.   National Geographic

False Confessions features our slow motion video of an expanding bullet striking ballistic gelatin.   False Confessions

The Shooter intro incorporates our footage of the terminal effects of the Sierra 30-caliber Matchking 125gr Shooter